Wednesday, November 11, 2009

harrahs fail....then FTW!!!

ok so i get online this morning....and it wont allow me to book a room for tuesday night, figure they just dont accept same day online reservations. w/e its cool ill call my host. oh hes not in his office . leave a voicemail asking for a call back as soon as possible. at about this time im in farmersville on my way down. finally a call back from the "host on duty" oh your all booked that sucks. fail me. ask to get on wait list. at like 630pm. drive to ameristar, play the mtt , fail taht as per usual lately. gamble a LITTLE bit , had 2 drinks, watch eric bell bubblements the mega satty(lol @ him).

ok so its now like midnightish i call it quits on waiting for harrahs to call saying they have a room for me. so i start driving to holiday inn express where i know they have rooms available for 99$ a night and free wifi. im pulling into the parking lot as i receive a call from my host , on his home phone number saying he just got off the phone with the front desk and they have no rooms available, FUCK YOU BOB!!! got my hopes up calling me to tell me no rooms? wtf go die . BOB says : "but they had a late cancel on a suite and i made sure they reserved it for u until 3am" oh cool bob i now love u a harrahs suite!!! comped, free...but im sure its a low level suite. just bigger and bigger tvs.

so i crush some burger king, head to harrahs. check in....walk into to my room. oh sweet fucking stupid assfaces!!! theres no bed, its a bathroom (just toilet) a couch a lounge chair and a medium tv, and a door to a room next to me... really? a "suite" has no bed and conjoining rooms? this is by far the stupid room ever. unpack my lap top update facebook, plug my phone in, get a glass of water. no wait just a minute u tricky mr. harrahs!!! thats not another hotel room next to me through the conjoining room, it has no lock!!! open it up and BAM!!!! huge bed, huge bathroom, jacuzzi, marble standup shower, flat screen... and the room is bigger then my bedroom at home .

byfar the biggest hotel room i have ever stayed in! cool thanks bob your awesome!

now to go play some 3/6 limit to kill time before i go to bed! then hopefully winning tomorrow nights mega!!

(just turned phone on , 6 new text messages)
no steve no luck i suck
lauren i hate u for watching house with out me!!!! now give me puppy chow!!!
dan...your ghey!

k bye

p.s. i hope there isnt coast gaurd regulations here also!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

ok so i get back from dinner break phones is not dead , was posting updates on twitter...... then my phone dies, no bigger...i have my charger right? WRONG the floor guy wont let me plug it in anywhere in the tournament.....ok so on the next break i go downstairs to where my buddy is playing some cash , at this time i have roughly 35k at 400/800 i believe.... so i plug it in and ask my buddy to bring it up to the tournament room in about 30 minutes.....i go back to paly after break..... blinds 500/1000 i chip up to 42k pretty fast..... open the cutoff to 2600 bb ( who i have i have at this point established as a known player as he had mentioned his online name and im VERY familiar with it as well as 2 other players, no one special nothingreal good just standard online mtt grinders)so i have 99 open to 2600 he resteal shoves 18k i call he has aj he gets there ok no biggie i stil have 25kish...... blind off steal a pot or 2 and what not, blinds are now 600/1200 with a 200 ante believe i have 22k i make a SWEET squeeze ... known player in the highjack opens a lagtard with about 80k on the button flats teh 3300 i shove 24800 to be exact with 24s.....both insta muck....awesome so now im at 32k. blinds go up to 800 1600.... blind down to 28k .....folds to the cutoff with about 20k he open shoves (standard) i look at AK in the bigblindandcall and hod vs aq... now at 50k ish.... in the sb lagtard(idiot) limps i look at jj as the bb with 12k is basically already shoving out of i limp he shoves lagtard folds i call obv he has 77 i hold..... 63k....stela 2 pots and have 68k when blinds hit 1k/2k.....this is wherethe disater happens..... 90ish players left i im above average slightly ,and it pays 56 players first was 70k give or take a bit. post fold an orbit . in the sb look down at a9s folds to a known player in the cutoff and he ships in roughly 8 bbs i snap he has kj and gets there. meh not to much hurt still have 52kish at this time.... in my cutoff i look at 88 i open to 5100 sb reteals for 24600...i call he has ajs i do not hold sfobv... ok so now i have like 28k...steal a pot by shoving kqs so now 32k wiht 78 players left in the small blind, known player opens the cutoff to 5500 i resteal ship on him and he is basically instamucking out of turn as the BB looks at his hand and instacalls and flips over AK i do get there on the flop but he binks a king on the turn GG i got from if i win both races i have 100k+ or even one of them to have a good stack to make a run, ot all of a sudden out of the tournement making a good resteal but the BB waking up with a monster.

so heres the best part of the story!!! remember my phone that i plugged in down in the cash game room? i go down there , my buddy is still phone is unplugged and i ask the floor guy why and he politely says we arent allowed to allow players to use the outlets, so out of curiosity i ask him politely why this is? he responds...and i quote this!

" its a coast gaurd regulation"

i ask him
"HUH, what ?"

he says they are not allowed to use any unnecessary electricity....yes in a casino my phone charger for what i wanted to use for 30 minutes maybe 1-2 cents worth of electricity is not allowed...LOLOLOOLOOLOLLLOLOOLLZZZZZZZZ

so bed time now , 1k at noon